Teens_for_Torah_IMG_6845_cropTell your Jew Crew!  Teens for Torah talk, text and tweet!

Throughout our 160th Anniversary year, Beth Israel teens will schmooze on their own terms – in all the cool places….and spaces they love to hang out.  Stay tuned for teen-only communiqués about what’s “app’ning — the places to be, and the peeps to see!

And, Beth Israel Teens for Torah too will be adding their voices to be a blessing to our congregation in 2014. Here on the Be a Blessing site, they will share special excerpts of their Miriam J. Browning class writings and projects as they, like all Jews, wrestle with Torah in our time – its relevancy in a dynamic, digital world, its comfort in times of strife, and its timeless wisdom to guide our life choices as we aspire to create a life of joy and peace.

And soon, you’ll spot Beth Israel Teen for Torah tee shirts all over the neighborhood.  Stay tuned for all the prizes-to-win details…coming soon!


Scott Greenberg

Marcus Levine

Sara Lew

Rebecca Galor

Aly Shniderson

Justin Todes