participateAre you ready to scribe? Here’s how it works…

The Sofer will visit our congregation almost monthly on periodic Sundays and Mondays February through June 2014, bringing with him sections of our scroll for us to complete.  While the majority of our Torah will be hand lettered in Israel, about 1,000 letters throughout the scroll will be outlined and left open for us to complete.   You will not know which letter you will be filling in until you join the Sofer on the bimah as it depends on where we are in the text at the time of your scribing session.  However, rest assured that any letter you and your family fill in is a privilege and a mitzvah and fulfills the 613th commandment of “writing” a Torah.

Individuals and family scribers will need to sign up for a specific date and time to scribe. Since we have a total of 1,000 letters to fill in, and 1,600 member families in our congregation, each family will need to select one family member as their representative scribe for your family’s turn on the bimah.  An individual or family may scribe only once.

On your scribing day, be sure to arrive a little early, and plan to spend at least an hour at Temple, enjoying a variety of fun activities and enriching educational opportunities for all ages.

When it’s your turn, you will spend between 5 and 15 minutes with the Sofer on the bimah, filling in a letter on the sacred parchment with his assistance, while talking with him and learning the significance of that letter.  A photograph will be taken as a keepsake of your memory-making moments with the Sofer.  And, you will receive a certificate recognizing your participation in this mitzvah in addition to your name being recorded in the permanent congregational archives. There will also be time for personal reflection and private conversation with our clergy.

You won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  Each scribing day promises to be a wonderful and meaningful experience for everyone, young and old alike.  And there is absolutely no cost to participate.  All Beth Israel members and Shlenker families are invited to complete a letter in our People’s Torah…a gift to our congregation and a lasting legacy for generations to come.