Our last scribing day– Sunday, November 23–is fast approaching, so don’t delay any longer!  Please email us at or call Dawn Blitz at (713) 449-9029 as soon as possible if you would like to meet with our Sofer that day to scribe a letter in our People’s Torah. 

Online reservations are no longer available, so please contact us today to get on the wait list.  We will do our best to accommodate all those who still wish to participate in the exciting creation of our congregation’s first and only People’s Torah. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to fulfill a great mitzvah and be part of Beth Israel history.

Instructions to Scribe Using Schedulicity

Note: This process must be completed for each family representative or individual requesting an appointment booking. 

  1. Click the “CBI Be A Blessing Torah Project” (in the window below the instructions)
    - Note the message indicating the available 2014 dates for bookings; February 9 & 10, March 9 & 10, April 6 & 7, May 4 & 5, June 1,  Sept. 7 & 8, Oct. 12 & 13, Nov. 9 & 10, and Nov. 23.
    - All appointments are for 10 minutes
  2. Click “Pick date/time”
  3. Arrow through the calendar to the date/time you want to book
    - Click on the date
    - Choose an available time
  4. Complete the 5 text boxes requesting information. Click the orange button “I Agree. Sign Me Up.”
  5. At the next page, verify you agree with your appointment date/time
    - If you do not agree, click change and choose another date/time, click “Book It”
    - If you agree with no changes, click blue “Book It” button
  6. “Success! Your appointment is confirmed” page appears noting your appointment date/time.
  7. To book additional appointments press the “Book Another Appointment” button. If at a public computer please click “sign out” when you complete your bookings.

(Several minutes after you submit your booking request you will receive a confirmation by email.)


How to return to cancel/reschedule an appointment:
  1. You may return to your My Schedule page by either:
    - Clicking the “Need to Manage Your Appointment” from the confirmation email
    - Clicking the “return to” from the “Welcome” email
    - Pasting this URL in your browser
  2. Click the sign-in link, enter your login email and password, click sign-in
  3. At the My Schedule page click the arrow at the right of the event message for these options:
    - Cancel It & Reschedule
    - Cancel It
    - Keep It
Need to change account settings, including email and password?
  1. Follow the above steps to login
  2. Click your name in the very top right corner
  3. Click the blue button for Account Settings

 Congregation Beth Israel is using to track appointments for the “Be A Blessing” project. You will receive a “Welcome to Schedulicity” email. The “Welcome” email cannot be eliminated from our process. Congregation Beth Israel ‘s staff will not be available to answer questions regarding any additional services offered in the Schedulicity generated “Welcome” email. Please contact directly for information on their services.