As Beth Israel makes history celebrating its 160th year, you have the opportunity to be a recorded part of Beth Israel history, too. At every event throughout our year-long celebration, volunteer photographers will be taking photos and asking many of you to share your stories on video. 

Some of our members’ and clergy’s inspiring stories and comments have already been recorded as part of our Be a Blessing opening event video. At as many scribing sessions as we can, you and your family may share your experience of scribing our People’s Torah and tell us what this Congregation and this moment in our shared history mean to you and your family. These video testimonials will be a moving and permanent testament to this vibrant congregation, a once-in-a-lifetime blessing that will be revisited by many in the generations to come.

Each recording will be kept as a permanent record in our Temple archives and shared here on our Be a Blessing website. We know our shared stories will inspire and hope that you’ll join us and encourage your friends and family to be a part of Beth Israel history, too.

Joan Altsuler

Bronk Family

Jennifer Bronk

Gail and Zach Gould

John Irwin

Simone Irwin

Elizabeth and Kevin Lorber

Kevin Lorber

Judy Lorber

Michelle Renfrow

Mike Tucker

Bobbie Tucker

Stephanie Wise